(or Who We Are and What We Do)

Authentically You Coaching Circles exists to create community and meaningful relationship.

authentically youWe don’t know about you, but we lament the loss of the front porch. In fact, we think that when houses began growing larger and garages arrived on the scene, the loss of community began. The explosion of television and movies and games and computers, coupled with the advent of (ahhhh) air conditioning, helped us retreat into our homes, sit on the back decks (if outside at all), and into our own worlds.

The casualty was community, that connection to others and the meaningful relationships that result.

Lest¬† you think we’re technophobes, we’re not.¬† We love all the modern conveniences, too. But we’re passionate about recreating community, rebuilding connection to others, and cultivating meaningful relationship.

That’s Where Our Coaching Circles Come In

We offer an eight-session group coaching circle (Authentically You Level I) that immerses participants in a deep dive to find their authenticity and establish community. Our hope is that each person will step authentically out into the world, create meaningful connections, and live authentically and happily.

Each of our circle participants, once the initial sessions are completed, are invited into the larger circle of prior “graduates” who’ve enjoyed the supportive development of the Authentically You concept. That group meets monthly, shares responsibility for running each meeting, and maintains the community.

We also offer an:

  • Authentically You Level II group coaching circle that deepens the dive,
  • Immersive weekend retreat for Level I and Level II programs, and
  • Immersive weekend, daylong, or two-day retreats exploring specific topics. Among those are community, re-“storying” life stories, exploring archetypes in individuals and society, and journaling.

We’re based in the Mid-Ohio Valley (Parkersburg-Vienna (WV) and Belpre-Marietta (OH) area). Explore these pages to find out more about us.

Drop us an email if you want more information!

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